Friday, March 3, 2017


HOMEWORK  DUE  3/10/17

WORK DAY 3/10...3/17
 armature demo...march 17th.....

PROJET DUE 3/31/17

Print out 3 busts:
Draw your self over the image. 
account for hair, glasses, jewelry, your clothing, 

What would a self portrait bust look like?


bust is a sculpted or cast representation of the upper part of the human figure, depicting a person's head and neck, and a variable portion of the chest and shoulders. The piece is normally supported by a plinth. These forms recreate the likeness of an individual. 

Project Description

Make a collage style bust out of any combination of materials you can put together.Use a combination of materials intended for your trash can along with materials you choose that represent your personality, and interests.  In other words, save the things you would normally discard... these will become your materials. 


1.You bust must be a self portrait, 
2. Your bust must be full scale ( the same size a you ) 
3. your bust must stand upright and be mounted on a plinth ( a stand/ base....this is part of the sculpture and can be made out of the same materials as the rest of the project )


You will be graded on your effort as well as your creativity, thoughtfulness, technique, and skill in making the bust : A photo graph of you next to your bust will be taken and posted on the blog. 

Due Date 

Project due March 31st at beginning of class. We will shoot photos during critique. 


1. Gather Materials for Friday, March 17th

Begin by sourcing materials that you would normally throw away. Be sure to clean them. As you take an inventory of your garbage/recycling, think about how the materials can communicate just  by themselves. 
The primary materials you will use are discarded items from your home, things like: milk cartons, packaging, containers, broken household items, old clothes, etc. You do not need to buy anything. 
Please clean and prepare your materials so they are not harmful to you, or cause a potential pest problem. 
 Do not use any materials that will rot, ie. vegetables, or animal by-products. If you do choose to use food-stuff, make sure it is stable, and will not attract pests. An example of something that could be used if clean and stable would be well-washed egg shells.  
2. Make Sketches and play
Start making sketches, and trying out different building techniques. Experiment with different ways to create form and volume. 
4. Construction
Approach the project in a way that makes sense to you, and use building-techniques you've learned from previous projects. Do your best to create volume with the materials you have selected.
All the same design concepts apply to these materials as they would with things you buy in an art store.
Use form, line, color, and context to communicate. The materials you use, and the way you put them together should be enough to communicate your concept. They should show us something new about who you are. 

Further Research

Please research sculpture from other cultures and time periods: Asian, African, American,  Latin American, European, Pacific Islander, Australian Aboriginal, etc, etc.
What did they look like? What materials and building techniques did they use? Why did they make them? How were they used?

 Here are a few links to some contemporary artists using trash or masks/helmets in their work. Please feel free to share any other information or videos with all of us.  

Thursday, February 16, 2017


You will be making small catapult out of found materials that is designed to launch a standard sized ping pong ball. 

Critique will include a distance demonstration / competition      

Understanding Your Creative Problem:    
You are constructing an object that exerts stored energy.  What are other everyday  machines that have a similar approach to energy storage and release? Can parts of those machines be repurposed for your project? 

2 part Home work assignment: 
assigned Feb 17th:

Part 1 : Written assignment  
Type a 1 page paper that describes 3 types of catapult styles. Identify what makes each one unique from the next, and the general idea of the mechanics of how it propelled an object.  

Include links of your sources at the bottom of the page. 

Part 2: print 5 images of small home made catapults.
Use these images as reference for what types of materials to collect to construct your catapult.  You may use scrap wood and materials from the shop in addition to the materials you bring in. 

possible materials? What size should this simple machine be?  
rubber bands. springs. bungee cords, tongue depressors, plastic silverware, soda bottles, dowels, paper towel tubes, coat hangers, paper clips, nuts , bolts, hooks ? 

DUE ON MARCH 24 : 1 paper, 5 images, catapult supplies.

MARCH 3 work shop day.

This is your opportunity to use the class room to build your project. Makes of hand tools if necessary. : )



1. Catapults must be designed to be fired from a table top. 
2. No larger than 18" x18" x18"
3. NO TEAM project per student.

grades based on : 

1. Does it work ?  Does the catapult shoot a ping pong ball ?
2. Construction. It the catapult crafted well? Does it feel stable and sturdy?
3. Engineering. What is the method of propulsion?