Friday, May 4, 2018

Assignment #14: Miniature Circus

Project Description:

Together the class will make a miniature working circus. Students will work in pairs to make miniature circus acts. Each act will be 30 seconds long. An animated GIF will be created for each project on the day of the Critique.

You will perform your act on critique day. You may use any materials that you think are appropriate for your idea- cardboard, wire, hair, etc. Do not use STORE BOUGHT TOYS unless they have been altered 70%. 

We will set up on a table in front of the black wall, so scale your pieces accordingly (2' x 2' x 2'). Each pair of students will create an act that is unique to the class with their partner.

Artist Inspiration: AlexanderCalder's Circus

Soundtrack for your Act:
Your act will use the following song for the background music:

Project Schedule

5/4                    Intro next assignment #14: Work in pairs to plan your Miniature Circus Act

5/11                  Work in class on #14- Homework due. Come to class prepared to work! 
                          Detailed sketches for choreography, most materials, 50% finished project
5/18                  Crits for #14: Performances due. Record Gifs

5/4: Introduction to Project #14 and work in class.

Work in class with your partner to begin brainstorming ideas. For our next class (5/11) you MUST bring sketches, materials, and your circus act 50% complete. 

This is what 50% looks like:

1. Stage set is well under way. You have a banner, platform, and backdrop started and you have the materials with you to finish in class. You can use anything to make these. Cardboard with paint and collage could be a good start. 

2. Performers are partially made (what will you need to finish them?) 

3. Props- started and materials with you to finish them.


4. Lighting is thought about. What will you use? Your cellphones? Flashlights? stationary or moving? need a spotlight (could you cut something to fit over your phone)?

5. Animation- How will you move your performers? How will you construct them? They can be puppets, or dolls, or marionettes- How will you control them? wire? string? magnets? hand puppet? 

6. Music and Narrative- How will you use the music? What is going to happen??? THIS IS THE MAIN THING :)

5/18: CRIT DAY- Performances due in class.

Final critique for this project will be an actual performance recorded in a GIF animation.


Sofia and Helen: Aerial Hoop Performers
Amarise and Antonella: Tiger in the fire hoop
Samantha and Pablo: Clowns Act I
Nathaniel and Abby: Horse-drawn Carriage
Coco and Cherline: Flying Trapeze
Amy and Mia: Lion-Tamer with a Twist
Fabio and Katherine: Elephant on a Tightrope
Alexia and Lauren: Contortionists
Daniela and Caroline: Clown Act II
Ana, Naomi and Camila: Bear juggling on a Unicycle
Maddix and Joaquin: Man Shooting out of a Cannon
Thomas and Sebastian: Clowns coming out of a Car
Amber and Patrick: Ringmaster and the Lion
Nick and Fabien: 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Assignment #13

Project Description: Performance Suit

Refer back to sculptor Nick Cave from Chicago, and his Soundsuit series, whom we looked at before.
For this project, make a wearable sculpture that covers your whole body.
Look at the following artists for inspiration: Nick Cave, Rebecca Horn, William Pope,
Robert Rauschenberg, Matthew Barney, Marina Abramovic, Björk, Alessandra Torres. 
But make the idea your own! You can incorporate the Alter Ego Mask as part of your suit if you want to.
Try to incorporate sound into your project. We will have a parade for the critique,
so make sure you can see out of the suit.
For this project you may use all of the skills and materials you learned
about this far: cardboard, sewing, natural materials, found objects, and assemblage.


Look at lots of pictures, videos, and articles about Nick Cave's Soundsuits.
Get to know them really well. Make sketches for your wearable sculpture,
and bring materials that you want to work with to class. You should bring A LOT of materials to class.
Due on 4/20.
This is a big project. It will count for 3 full grades with option for extra credit:
4/13- Project and homework assigned
4/20- Sculpture and Choreography critique- in progress (HOMEWORK DUE)
4/27- Critique: Parade at Crandon Park

(Performance and choreography video is an extra credit grade)***

Artist Inspiration: Nick Cave, Rebecca Horn, etc (see above)

Article on 7 Artists who Designed Costumes


Other References:

These can be good to look at for aesthetic inspiration, materials that produce sound,
and also movement/choreography. These come from a wide variety of sources including:
performance art, dance, theatre,and indigenous/tribal cultures.

Note: Some of these are decorated dresses/outfits.
Your project should not look like a dress, or outfit.
It should transform the form (outline) of your body.


Frday, April 20th : Homework Due
SoundSuit Critique in progress
Sound Suit sketches, armature and materials due at beginning of class. In-class workday.

Homework grade will be given for:
-Two pages of detailed sketches/ideas, including sample color scheme and texture/sound/material choices. Research on example artists.
-Materials to work in class.
-Basic Structure (armature) of suit has been begun and brought to class.
Homework Rubric:
A = all of the above done fully and well underway with structure of suit
B = all of the above done, and structure of suit begun
C = missing one of the above components of homework assignment
D = missing two of the above components of homework assignment
F  = Unprepared
Friday, April 27: CRITIQUE
SoundSuit Video/Performances at Crandon Park for Beach Field Trip.

You will bring your soundsuit to the beach field trip.
You have the option to do a performance and create a video for extra credit.
Sound suit Critique Rubric:
A = excellent craftsmanship, highly creative, interesting sounds created by suit, complete transformation (and coverage) of body from head to toe. Highly thoughtful and interesting movement/choreography.
B = good craftsmanship (nothing falls off/breaks), good creativity, interesting sounds created by suit, good transformation (and coverage) of body from head to toe. Intentional and interesting movement/choreography.
C = Project suffers from ANY of the following: craft issues (some things fall off/break), not very creative in choice of materials or their manipulation, sound element not considered, not enough transformation of body, suit does not cover entire body. Movement/choreography not well thought out or intentional.
D = Project suffers from more than one of the issues mentioned in the C category.
F = Did not do.

The extra credit video must include the following:

Title frame including the names of performers, title of piece and date.
1 - 3 minutes duration.
Intentional beginning (how will you come into the frame?)
Intentional choreography (what will happen in the video?)
Intentional ending (how will the video end?)
Uploaded to Vimeo, Youtube, Tumblr or your personal artist website.

Past Student Works: